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Did Doc Brown and The Doctor Ever Meet?

The new series of Doctor Who is coming soon. Having become acquainted, nay obsessed, with the Time Lord over the last year by watching everything Netflix has to offer, reading comics and books, listening to audio plays and basically turning into a nerdtastic fanboy at every opportunity, I simply can't wait to join back up with Matt Smith, see the return of the Daleks and say goodbye to Amy and Rory.

That being said...with two weeks still to go until the premiere on September 1, I'm stuck just taking the long fourth-dimensional route and daydreaming about the coming adventures. This led me to muse, "Is it possible, or even likely, that the Doctor has ever had a run-in with America's own pre-eminent time traveler, Doctor Emmet Brown from the Back to the Future series?"

Actually, yes, it's very likely they have met.

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