Discount Designer Duds: Missoni for Target, Lagerfeld for Macy's in Stores

Where are you going to be tomorrow, September 13, at 6 a.m.? We're going to be staking out our favorite Target, waiting for the doors to open to stock up on pieces from the new Missoni for Target line. If you regularly ogle the window at Missoni in the Galleria, this is a great opportunity to pick up the Missoni "look for less." Not that I am opposed to paying top-dollar for couture, but hey -- a girl has gotta love a bargain. With 400 plus pieces to choose from -- not just clothes, but housewares and luggage -- the Missoni line ranges from $2.99 to $599.99, although most pieces will retail in the $40-$50 range. Missoni for Target will be available through October 22.

This trend is growing, too. High-end design houses and couture designers are creating "budget" lines for us, the unwashed masses, and we are happy to take advantage of the lower price point. Karl Lagerfeld has a new line for Impulse at Macy's that launched August 31. Uncle Karl's line is smaller, and retails slightly higher than Missoni; $49-$169. In the shoe department, Christian Siriano has created a line of shoes and bags for Payless that is far and away the most stylish thing the discount shoe store offers. Siriano's most expensive shoe retails for $69.99, and the highest priced bag is $44.99.

So, what are we coveting from Missoni? Here is a peek at our wish list.

5. Missoni for Men

Ties and sweaters are prominently featured in the pre-release advertising, but we would love to see a Missoni stripe peeking out between a loafer and a trouser leg!

4. Throw Pillows

An easy way to bring energy and color to a living room or bedroom. In addition to pillows, Missoni for Target has quilts, blankets, vases, kitchenwares and more.

3. Bags and Totes

If bright colors and stripes aren't your thing when it comes to sweaters and dresses, try a tote bag or a laptop bag. We are coveting the carry-on luggage set -- it is definitely going into the cart.

2. Outerwear and Accessories

Traveling to colder climates this winter? Say yes to adorable scarves and matching gloves. There are lighter-weight scarves that are perfect for Houston come fall.

We are going to shop with an optimistic attitude, and pick up the Missoni galoshes. All we'll need is some puddles!

1. Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

It is not always easy to wear horizontal stripes, but Missoni offers plenty of options of the vertical variety, as well. The horizontal zigzag breaks up the line, making it more flattering than a straight-across stripe.

If this look is a little bold for you, go with a scarf or tights to punch up your everyday basics.

The official ad is fairly racing with the signature bright, Missoni stripe, which might not be totally wearable in your every day life. Picking a few key pieces -- a bag, a scarf, a jacket -- and incorporating them into your look is a practical way to enjoy the busy Missoni patterns.

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