Disney Princess Lingerie....Really Disney...Really?

Yes, you read that right. Disney has a line of lingerie and it is princess-themed. I'll give you a few seconds to allow the shock and awe to pass. The people of Disney, well the people Disney licensed to, have taken their crew of sweet singing princesses and given them all specially designed undies. Made for adult women hoping to capture the Disney magic, four sets -- Aurora, Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel -- are being sold in Japan by the company Bellemaison. For now.

Though my mind is exploding with a million reasons why the sexification of cartoon characters designed to be emulated by little girls is wrong, so wrong, I have to highlight a few points.

Do we needed another way for women to be "sexy" on Halloween? We have slutty woodland creatures, various professions and superheros, did we need a slutty Cinderella option?

Do little girls need to be thinking about matching princess lace panties. Have you seen my childhood? Disney says, "NO! Now here's some ICarly lip gloss."

Do grown men need to be thinking about matching princess lace panties. For God's sakes man, she was your little girl's birthday party theme! Stick to Princess Leia in the gold bikini.

Disney princesses are scantily clad as it is. Have you really looked at the clothing of Disney princesses. They are all dressed in a way that shows their assets. Poor Ariel wears a bra top most of the movie. Even sweet independent Merida from Brave fell prey to the Disney glam squad.

I don't want Disney to enter this market today, tomorrow or ever. What's next?! Tarzan loin cloths, Peter Pan pixie dust (what could that be?). No thanks.

Let women be women and girls be girls. These products simultaneously infantilize grown women and places little girls on the express train to maturity. What do you want from us wonderful world of Disney?!

Is this really what women want or just what men want women to want? I need to see serious market research, focus group results, a Change.org petition, something that could justify the demand for this product.

It's not even cute. If you are going to damn all that is sacred, at least make sure the design team creates something worth wearing. I'm not the only one to feel this way.

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