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Do Fido and Fluffy Have a Secret Life?

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What happens with Fido and Fluffy when we go to work? We can deduce certain activities through forensic analysis of strewn trash, gnawed Jimmie Choos and the occasional upchuck, but we decided to go the video route for this one. We threw in some recreational vids as well, both with and without humans. From nanny cams to GoPro videos to well-crafted filmmaking, we're offering up a little sampling of the secret life and public displays of pets.

Home alone cat must have committed this crime before, as the camera seems perfectly positioned to capture this freaky feline fetish. While the "crime" is open to interpretation, there's no doubt that Hunter is a serial offender. Hang in there long enough to check out round two, and don't overlook the cheesy '70s porno soundtrack.

Does having an agenda diminish the art? This particular video is produced by Electrical Safety First; the charity's other titles include cautionary tales about the dangers of fake electrical goods and how bad things happen when hair straighteners aren't unplugged. The need to tame unruly hair seems to be a rather large problem in the United Kingdom, on par with immigration, Brexit and fears of knock-off Stilton cheeses and Cornish pasties.

From surfing to skateboarding, these dogs and cats seem to enjoy having athletic humans to haul their gear to the beach and boardwalk, though bipeds are optional for the ride. We really enjoyed the six pups on a long board, the pole dancing kitty and push-up puppy at 1:42.

GoPro might not have been invented for dogs, but it's a natural for documenting our active animals. In this promo for the brand, Walter knows exactly where he wants to go, proving the mini mobile cam is built for speed and seemingly waterproof.

It's a great idea, and somebody really should consider it, but KLM's famous iPhone sniffing dog is the brainchild of a very smart publicist. But we're still big fans of this video, because the idea of reuniting weary travelers with their lost possessions touches all the right emotional buttons.

From wet snout to toothy smile to slobbery drool, this pups'-eye-view video shows happy dogs enjoying outdoor play. The dogs are happy – you can tell by their tails – and we're happy we don't have to smell all those wet dogs.

From nanny cams to GoPro videos to well-crafted filmmaking, we're offering up a little sampling of the secret life and public displays of pets at work and at play.

We think Lexus the dirt bike dog is too cool for school. From the chrome shades to the polka dot collar to her owner doing wheelies in the sand, there's a lot to dig with this Mad Max-inspired video.

We love the unpredictability of the fountain, with its short and tall bursts of water. Doggy is trying to figure it out, and keeps running from spot to spot to catch the action.

This should teach homeowners about leaving the doors unlocked. Didja the surfing cat takes advantage of Ice in this video from the land down under. It's all in good fun, though, and Ice is practicing pool safety with that snazzy flotation jacket.

Yes, another GoPro video, but the product pairs so well with our little pups. Here we have happy dogs hanging out at the dog park with lots of furry friends. There are some interesting overhead angles in this video, and we'll forgive the producer for the slow mo on the product shots. Product placement is everywhere these days, from feature films to television shows, but we don't mind as long as GoPro keeps giving us these great videos.

This cage-free doggy day care and boarding facility is hot in California, and we just got one in Houston. They separate the dogs by temperament instead of size when assigning play areas, but don't book your pup just yet. Not all dogs pass their evaluation, whether too meek, overly aggressive or just unable to socialize well, but it's great fun for those who get in.

Robert Altman isn't the only director who can film a single continuous shot. The Player's opening scene ran for almost eight minutes without an edit. It took many, many takes to get the final scene for this Beneful commercial, making for a very long day for both the dog-tired cast and crew.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.