Do You Have (September) Issues?

Vogue is a three-pound monster with the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence gracing the cover. Elle is keeping it model-classic, featuring voluptuous It-girl Kate Upton. Lucky is slim and readable at about 220 pages; Blake Lively is on the cover, and in a cool high-low spread inside the mag. Vanity Fair is going the posthumous route (and stretching out the Royal Baby news cycle) by putting the late Princess Diana on the cover. Paparazzi favorite Jennifer Aniston goes glam for Glamour.

The September Issues are here, and just in time for a long Labor Day Weekend spent poolside (or on the beach, or curled up on your couch). Let's look at some highlights.


Huge, weighty, and chock-full of advertisements, the Vogue September Issue is so massive that the magazine itself starts about a hundred pages in from the cover. The cover story on Jennifer Lawrence is a little on the fawning side, but it reveals her to be as charming as you might suspect. In addition to the Lawrence profile, a few other don't-miss features include:

• "Stand and Deliver: After her 12-Hour Filibuster, How Far Will Texas Senator Wendy Davis Run?"--Girl, you made the Vogue September Issue--way to go. • "Yahoo's Marissa Mayer: Hail to the Chief"--If only because the photo of her lounging in chaise caused quite an uproar; as if being powerful and sexy were mutually exclusive. • "Hedi Slimane Thrills and Scandalizes as Creative Director of Saint Laurent"--It's always nice to go behind the scenes at a big fashion house and learn the history (and internal politics) of the fashion world.


Thank you, Lucky September Issue, for being so slim, and readable, and comfortable to carry in the airport. (Ever run through O'Hare to catch a flight, with Vogue's September Issue bumping against your hip? If not, count yourself fortunate.) Cover girl Blake Lively looks great in everything, and we certainly appreciate that you put her in a lot of (affordable) H&M in the fashion spread.

• "The Lucky Shoe & Boot Guide" shows us a little bit of everything: color, texture, shine, shape. • "Master Class: Foundation" by Pat McGrath (Cover Girl) and Laura Mercier • "The New Skirt Shapes" gives us practical ways to wear unusual shapes.


Aniston-haters might want to avoid the Glamour September Issue, but if you love her you'll enjoy her cover and the accompanying interview. (Spoiler alert: She gives away nothing new, and wears black.) One thing Glamour does better (or at least more often) than any other mag is give us lists--lists, lists, and more lists detailing Fall Fashion/Outfits, It-Girl Hair, Trend Reports, Fall Fragrance Guide, and many more. List-lovers will be more than satisfied.

Now, embark upon your Labor Day Weekend armed with a cocktail and an armful of fashion glossies. Be the style you wish to see in the world.

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