Doña Rosita’s Jalapeno Kitchen and “Perspectivas: A Window into Their World”

Doña Rosita is thinking about calling it quits. After 23 years of serving up Mexican food in her restaurant, the Jalapeño Kitchen, she’s considering selling the place to make way for a new shopping mall. But should she go? Can she stay? While she thinks about it, she invites the audience to a round of delicious food — and fun. One-woman-show Doña Rosita’s Jalapeño Kitchen is performed by award-winning actress and comedienne Ruby Nelda Perez (the Houston-based actress counts the San Antonio Theatre Coalition’s Living Legend Award among her trophies). Perez has been called “irresistible and irreverent.” Surrounded by her Crock-Pot and piles of chile peppers, she’ll dish out plenty of laughs.

Accompanying Jalapeño Kitchen is the art exhibit “Perspectivas: A Window into Their World,” which gives viewers a view of life from both sides of the Mexico/U.S. border. Kingsville’s Santa C. Barraza, Guadalajara’s Esperanza Gama, Albuquerque’s Delilah Montoya and Houston’s Laura Lopez Cano exhibit work that addresses social and cultural issues. 6 p.m. opening reception for “Perspectivas” followed by a 7 p.m. performance of Doña Rosita’s Jalapeño Kitchen. The University of St. Thomas’s Jones Hall, 3910 Yoakum. For information, call 713–525–3560 or visit Free.
Wed., April 23, 6-8 p.m., 2008

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Olivia Flores Alvarez