Doctor Who: 10 Best Doctor Who Christmas Ornaments on Etsy

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The time has come to trim your festive shrub in order to have it shade the baubles and trinkets most desired by your loved ones! Christmahanakwanzika is upon us all, and for Whovians that means two things; First, we've got Peter Capaldi's meeting with Father Christmas later this month, so there's that to look forward to. There's also the trimming of the tree, and if you're looking to show off your Doctor Pride, Etsy has some really outstanding ornaments just for you.

Tara Bryson sells plenty of handmade Who items on her Etsy page, including a wide variety of Christmas ornaments. My personal favorite, though, is this one recreating the iconic scene of the Eleventh Doctor danging Amy Pond into space from "The Beast Below". Each ornament is dusted with a shimmery material to recreat the backdrop of stars.

There are Tardis ornaments without count all over Etsy, but Karl Gurtler goes the extra mile in his two-dimensional ones. In addition to the blue box we all know and love, it's set on a background of Gallifreyan script meant to represent The Doctor's true name. If you're looking for a bargain, this is a good one as Gurtler sells 5 for $20.

Every time a bell rings a Weeping Angel gets EXTERMINATED! Lesley of Sweet Geek offers these clay and polymer bells shaped like Daleks, their menace offset somewhat by her cute, rounded designs and the light tinkling of their chimes. Comes with a red ribbon to hang them with.

If you'd like something a little more symbolic, then Ashley Croyle has your back with her Heart of the Tardis ornaments. Each of these small glass hearts contains blue origami stars along with two red paper hearts to represent The Doctor as he wanders space and time in the Tardis. Seller not responsible for breakage resulting from your Christmas tree spinning in a murderous attack.

Whether you roll your eyes when it's said or agree with whole-hearted abandon whenever it was said, you can't deny that Matt Smith's proclamation that bow ties and fezzes were cool is now firmly a part of Who lore. Kailey and Ellen Grace aren't ashamed to show their love for phrases, and combined them nicely for this small handmade fez and bow tie ornament.

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From the first moment we got a glimpse of him in "The Day of The Doctor" it was clear that the angriest eyebrows in all of the universe belonged to the current incarnation of The Doctor. Now you can relive that triumphant moment when the War Council called out, "No, sir, ALL THIRTEEN" with this glass ball emblazoned with the unmistakable stare of the Twelfth Doctor.

This one goes out to all you Rose and Ten shippers out there. Tracey Gurney has captured the passion between one of the all-time favorite Doctors and his most trusted and loved companion in this beautiful acrylic disc surrounded by black glitter. Wear your hearts on your sleeve by putting this one in your tree.

I must apologize to classic fans who might be feeling left out in this article, but the sad fact is that there are very few ornaments being made that celebrate the show prior to 2005. PJ McQuade is here to the rescue, though, offering this set of all twelve Doctors (Minus John Hurt, sadly) wearing Santa hats, or you can buy your favorites individually. Ornaments are laminated printed stock with hooks to hang.

One of the few treats for fans of the Tom Baker era is this adorable snowglobe featuring the one and only K-9. It's lightweight plastic with fluffy snow, so it won't bend down the branches of your tree. Leslie Zemnick tops off the globe with a festive bow and garland along the bottom. Good job, mistress.

And finally, if you're looking for both a craft project and an ornament then Olivia Winter has both. She sells kits to make felt dolls of all the first three Doctors as well as Nine, Ten, and Eleven. Pictured here we see her finished version of Patrick Troughton. Each kit includes pattern, directions, felt, wooden bead. pipe cleaner, embroidery floss, and fishing line. Needle, thread, and scissors not included. If you happen to already be stocked with craft supplies, she also sells downloadable patterns at half the price. It's a nice diversion to keep little hands busy and off the naughty list while we wait for out two favorite mysterious travelers to show up on December 25.

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