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Doctor Who: 5 Best "Day of the Doctor" Re-Edits

I don't know if I will ever watch something as personally exciting as the 50th Anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor". On one hand the Zygons were kind of a bust, Eccleston refused to take part, and I still say Tennant phoned his performance in.

But on the other hand every time I hear John Guilor as the First Doctor say, "Calling the War Council of Gallifrey, this is The Doctor" and see William Hartnell lead the Tardises of the known ten incarnations into the battle with the Daleks I honestly get goose bumps. It's not a perfect scene by any means, but it is an unforgettable one. It was magic.

Over half a year later many super fans have taken to their computers to try and tweak the special to be even more magical. Today we salute them.


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This is more of a trailer for an alternative universe version of the special than a re-edit, but it's a damned great one. Takeabow2 pulls some really clever cuts, such as using Ten's "reverse the polarity" dialogue with Eleven over shots of him and Five in "Time Crash". Footage from "The Five-ish Doctors" and even Tom Baker's Australian phone commercials work the classic Doctors in their current aged form into the story, and we get Captain Jack, Rose, and Sarah Jane involved to boot.

More than that, I really feel that the show missed a trick not having David Bradley make a full appearance as the First Doctor after his remarkable performance in An Adventure in Space and Time. This trailer rectifies that in the best way possible.

There's probably no bigger bone of contention about "Day of the Doctor" than over the absence of the Ninth Doctor in the story. Ultimately the War Doctor was probably a better choice, but there's still this huge Eccleston-shaped hole in the narrative that can't be filled.

Takeabow2 tackled this as well. Using footage of Eccleston reciting the poem "Dulce Et Decorum Est" by Wilfred Owen, we see John Hurt edited out of the Tower of London scene and Ten and Eleven listen to Nine relive the last days of the Time War. It works really, really well, too.

One of the best surprises of "Day of the Doctor" was a glimpse of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth and newest incarnation of the Time Lord. Want to be in a good mood for the rest of the day? Watch about twenty people all scream like Beatlemaniacs over the one second he's on screen in this video. It's just so damned joyous and childlike.

Later on, when he got his first lines in "Time of the Doctor", a YouTube user named Cam H put together a great mash-up where the ending of "Time" was edited seamlessly into the "Day" scene. I'm sure that we'll see the true result of Twelve crashing the Tardis in a couple of weeks when the new season starts, but until then I like to pretend this was all wrapped up in nicely in Cam H's vision.

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