Doctor Who

Doctor Who: 5 Obscure Doctor Who Adventures That Are Free on YouTube

Take it from me...getting into Doctor Who can be an expensive hobby. Sure, when you're plowing through the modern series on Netflix, it feels like a steal, but once you run out of Matt Smith and decide to go exploring the classic series or Big Finish audio or even the expanded universe novels, that stuff starts to add up fast.

While you'll find plenty of clips all over the place, the BBC is very, very touchy about what it allows to be hosted on YouTube. Those Loose Cannon re-creations of lost classic episodes are fine, but anything that they can make money from gets pulled very, very quickly.

Unless, of course, it's so obscure that even the BBC doesn't bother with it. Well, dedicated fans do, and today we're going to show you some of the fantastic Doctor Who hidden treasures hiding in the bowels of YouTube.

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