Doctor Who

Doctor Who: 5 Reasons "Day of the Doctor" Takes Place in Pete's World (And 1 Why It Can't)

It's November!

Sure, that means a lot of nice things. The Holidays are starting up. That pathological delusion that we call Daylight Savings Time is over. The weather is cooler. The Playstation 4 is almost here. For us Whovians, though, what it really means is that that the long-awaited 50th anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor" is finally less than three weeks away.

Rumors and theories and hints have surrounded the golden anniversary of the longest running science fiction series ever, but Steven Moffat and the BBC have kept the tightest lid possible on the whole thing. Yet, from the tiny little threads that have been allowed out I think a very good case can be made for the special taking place on Pete's World, the alternate Earth first seen in "Rise of the Cybermen" in 2006.

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