Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Are Weeping Angels Really Time Lords?

The Weeping Angels remain one of the few significant contributions to The Doctor's rogue's gallery made in the revived series. Since "Blink" they've appeared in four episodes and a handful of short stories and novels. Unlike the Silence or the Ood, though, they remain very mysterious in origin. According to the Tenth Doctor they have been around since the beginning of the universe, and that seems to be the extent of his knowledge regarding them.

The idea that the Angels may somehow be connected to the Time Lords is not new speculation. It's been wondered about since "The End of Time" when Rassilon declared that the two members of the High Council who had voted against his plan to destroy the corporeal universe and ascend to beings of pure consciousness would "stand as monument to their shame, like the Weeping Angels of old". Many fans took this to mean that Rassilon might have special knowledge of the Angels, or perhaps had even created them for the Time War. Likely it was just a throwaway mention for fans, and all it really indicates is that Rassilon, like The Doctor, knows they exist.

There are similarities. Both races are essentially humanoid. Both races have mild telepathic powers and in some form seem to control time. Really, though, aside from Rassilon's line and those few bits of evidence there's not much reason to think the two are otherwise related.

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