Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Babelcolour Brings Us a Ten-Doctor Special

Stuart Humphryes, better known to the online Doctor Who community as Babelcolour, is one of the top producers of online video content. His work is almost unrivaled in popularity, and his ability to colorize the adventures of the First and Second Doctors is beyond compare. Recently, he contributed to the Third Doctor serial "The Mind of Evil," where he was responsible for hand-coloring some 7,000 frames of footage to bring that story into stark, beautiful life.

There's no slowing him down, though, and for fans who were hoping for a massive, all-inclusive multi-Doctor special for the 50th anniversary, then Humphryes may have the next best thing. Bit by bit he is releasing "The Ten Doctors," which brings every pre-Smith incarnation into united effort to stop a mysterious power from erasing him from existence.

"There was no pre-planning or script or even a storyline," said Humphryes. "I just made it up as I went along! Quite literally. The first scene I ever compiled was the UNIT battle, and then I had to imagine why on earth they'd even be there. I was held hostage by the footage and quotes I could find. The clips lead me and not the other way round."

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