Doctor Who: Interview With Paul McGann

While he was here for Comicpalooza, Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor, talked with us about what it was like going from one of the least regarded and almost forgotten Doctors to becoming a huge crowd favorite following his triumphant return to the modern show in "Night of the Doctor."

For instance, he actively tried to turn down the role over and over again. He would tell producer Philip Segal how he wanted to portray The Doctor as darker, melancholy, and not at all as he had appeared in the classic show. Segal agreed, paving the way for many of the aspects you find since the show re-debuted in 2005.

McGann also remarks on how impossible the mission of his television movie was. How it needed to accomplish bringing The Doctor to an audience that remembered the likes of Tom Baker but also wanted to pull in a new generation. He's not surprised it failed.

Most of all, though, McGann expresses his endless enthusiasm for still being The Doctor and for interacting with fans at conventions. To hear the full interview with the one and only Eighth Doctor, continue to the next page.

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