Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Prominent Whovians Look Back on Season 8

Peter Capaldi has finished up his first season as The Doctor, and it's been a season that was particularly divisive among the fandom. Barring John Hurt's appearances in the 50th anniversary special, Capaldi is the oldest man to take on the role in the revived series, and when you add in other drastic changes that happened over the course of the episodes a certain amount of Shaken Fan Syndrome was going to be inevitable.

In the course of reviewing each episode I found much of the writing weak, but applauded Capaldi and Jenna Coleman's abilities to work with what they had. There were some truly terrifying monsters, surprise returns, and amazing twists to go with oft-times poor characterization and plot holes that were bigger on the outside. Here on the other side of the whole thing, I thought I'd reach out to some big names in the Whovian community.

"Perhaps due to reaching an introspective mid-life crisis, the Doctor has spent being fifty gazing at his naval and considering the very nature of his character - and it's been an electrifying journey of discovery!"

That's Stuart Humphryes, better known by his YouTube handles BabelColour. He is one of the Whovians who sometimes does better work with The Doctor than the BBC, especially in terms of colorization. His upcoming mash-up detailing the Time War is highly anticipated.

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