Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The 3 Most Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Moments

The universe of Doctor Who is nowhere near the vastness of our own real universe, but it's still pretty damned big. Counting all media, the adventures of The Doctor number in multiple thousands.

And just as in real life, sometimes it gives birth to moments of strange happenstance and coincidence that indicate either a brilliant master plan or just the bizarre randomness of creation getting kind of drunk and snarky. There are three instances in the modern series that show this off, and once you see them, you'll never be able to unsee them.


Martha Jones Explains Why The Eleventh Doctor Doesn't Know The Silence The Silence is one of only a handful of monsters the revived show has contributed to the regular cast of Doctor Who villains and the only one that ever served as a season Big Bad. In addition to their ability to hurl disintegrating lightning, they are able to remove themselves from your consciousness the second you stop looking at them. Because of this, they have been able to quietly manipulate humanity for millennia.

The Doctor defeats this ability by splicing a second of footage of a Silent saying that humans should kill them all on sight into the broadcast of the first moon landing in 1969. Because people will view the footage for thousands of years to come, it plants a subconscious impulse in the minds of millions to immediately murder a Silent even if they aren't aware they are doing it.

The question is, "Why doesn't The Doctor -- who must have seen the moon landing at some point -- automatically recognize The Silence?"

Though it's never mentioned after The Silence's debut, Martha Jones actually reveals the reason all the way back in "Blink." In it she says that she and The Doctor have seen the moon landing four times, but always in person. He's never bothered to watch it on TV before his interference with the actual broadcast, so he's never been implanted with the suggestion.

It's a minor plot hole, but it plugs up nicely if you pay attention to the throwaway lines.

Jackson Lake is a Tease of The War Doctor When the Tenth Doctor meets Jackson Lake, then calling himself The Doctor, he assumes that the man is a future regeneration of himself with amnesia. There's a precedent for that. The Eighth Doctor has had amnesia so many times that Doctor Who became a very accurate description.

Lake therefore becomes something of a lost Doctor, and in doing so gives us a hint of the coming War Doctor.

First, there's his chosen costume that is eventually outfitted with a bandolier of weapons that is remarkably similar to what the War Doctor wears. He does so after relinquishing the name Doctor, indicating that while he still holds the essential essence of The Doctor he no longer wishes to be identified as such, just like the War Doctor.

More than that, both Lake and the War Doctor have sadly similar catalysts. The death of his wife and the theft of his child break Lake's mind and allow him to embrace the delusion of being The Doctor. The fate of the children on Gallifrey is what ultimately breaks the War Doctor's will to fight the Time War and re-embrace being The Doctor in a last act of war upon both the Daleks and his own corrupted people.

That's why when Ten shows Lake the infostamp stolen from the Daleks, the War Doctor doesn't appear in the montage. Lake absorbed all the War Doctor information, something the Daleks would surely have included.

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