Don't Think Too Hard About Quantumdada Phase 2

(Oval Eyes Shaking, Michael Brim credit: Robert Boyd)

This show is a decidedly eclectic assemblage of work that in one way or another relates to curator Volker Eisele's conceptions of quantum physics, Dada and quantum physics-meets-Dada. Trying to puzzle out how each work is supposed to relate to the show's theme is kinda headache-inducing, but taken on an individual basis, there are some interesting pieces in the show.

Works by Greg Metz and David Graeve give you an idea of the show's range. Metz offers up Bush Cozy, a tragicomic Kleenex dispenser. It's a bronze head of George W. Bush with tissues coming out of the empty cranium and a plaque that reads "MY DEEPEST REGRETS TO THOSE WHO HAVE SACRIFICED THEIR LOVED ONES FOR MY IRAQ WAR." In the same room is Graeve's Lama Drubwang (Anti Matte) Max Planck 10-34 Planck Time. The piece is a giant orangey-red balloon, and I do mean giant, at eight feet in diameter, it takes up most of the gallery and represents an estimation of the size of the universe at the beginning of the Big Bang. Which suddenly makes the piece seem incredibly small and unimaginably dense.

Through November 20. Rudolph Blume Fine Art/ArtScan Gallery, 1836 Richmond Avenue, 713-807-1836

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