DVD Giveaway: Robin Hood

Originally titled Nottingham (which would've been awful), Ridley Scott's reimaging of the Robin Hood legend dropped the tights in favor of leather. According to some, it also dropped too much myth in favor of history--and muddy history, at best.

The question is: Do you really care? When Scott (or anyone) makes a film rooted in history, accuracy is rarely the number one concern. (Not to mention it's simply impossible--yes, even for Mel Gibson.) Check out the Wikipedia essay about historical accuracy in Scott's Crusades epic Kingdom of Heaven for a rundown on that movie's fact-to-fiction quota.

What Robin Hood lacks in fact, it delivers in fight scenes. It's all you want to see Russell Crowe doing in a movie, really, going all the way back to 1992's Romper Stomper. (Cate Blanchett's in Robin Hood, too.)

We have three copies of the Robin Hood Unrated Director's Cut DVD to give away to the first three people to answer this trivia question correctly:

How many Ridley Scott films has actor Keith Carradine appeared in?

Send your answers to HPcontest@houstonpress.com.

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