DVD Giveaway: Scarface (for Everyone Not Going to See Al Pacino at Jones Hall Tonight)

Al Pacino is probably fascinating when talking about nothing but himself and all, but we, like a lot of Pacino fans, will not be making it to Jones Hall tonight to see him. Talk. About himself.

Look, I'm sure he's led an interesting life and everything, but if I'm going to see Pacino in a theater, I'd like to see him, well, act. The event listing itself promises "surprise readings," but can they guarantee that Houston will actually be surprised?

Okay, so maybe we're just a little bitter; to be honest, we'd love the chance to see him up close (as close as nosebleed seats can get) and personal. Our wallet, however, probably wouldn't. We have a feeling we're not alone here, so for those of you that are a fan of Pacino acting and not a fan of spending between $45 and $155 to get a little closer to his wrinkles, we're giving away three of the recently released Scarface on Blu-ray DVDs.

Of course, we're going to make you work for it. Send your answers to the following trivia questions about Pacino to hpcontest@houstonpress.com, and you'll be entered to win one of our DVDs.

1. What was the name of the Sicilian town Pacino's grandparents came from (it's actually kind of relevant)?

2. What is "Al" short for?

3. In his documentary "Looking For Richard," who is Richard?

4. In The Godfather, Michael's bodyguards wear traditional Sicilian hats. What is the Italian name of the hat (this is also actually kind of relevant)?

5. Who did Oliver Stone name Tony Montana after?

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