DVDs & Blu-rays: Sexually Charged Mary Marie and a Grimm Giveaway

Mary Marie

stars Alana Kearns-Green and Alexandra Roxo; Kearns-Green and Roxo co-direct.

Mary Marie has a simple start. Two sisters return to their family home after their mother dies. They plan to spend the summer together. And that's where the simplicity ends. A local handyman begins a relationship with one of the sisters and complicates what we come to see is already a very complicated situation. Jealousy becomes anger, and as that anger festers, the relationship between the two women becomes volatile.

The film was made with, as Kearns-Green has joked, "a penny broken in half." The two women, who met while at New York University, co-wrote, co-directed and co-star. They launched the no-budget production project just to make something happen after they left school. Neither had any feature film experience, but, boosted by the fact that other successful indie films have been made by newbies, they decided to try. The result is an interesting, complex story. And a stark reminder that sex is never just about sex. DVD extras include deleted scenes, a trailer and director/actor commentary.

Catch up on all of the fantasy mystery television series


action with a Season One box set. With characters inspired by the Grimm fairy tales, the series features a modern-day police detective (David Giuntoli) with the ability to see supernatural creatures who walk among humans.

To enter to win your free copy, send an e-mail to olivia.alvarez@houstonpress.com with the words "Grimm Season One Giveaway" in the subject line. Our winner will be announced on Friday. BTW, you must live in the United States to qualify for this giveaway.

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