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DVDs & Blu-rays: Some Guy Who Kills People, The American Dream and Chesty Morgan's Bosom Buddies

Some Guy Who Kills People stars Kevin Corrigan, Karen Black and Barry Bostwick; Jack Perez directs.

Jack Perez's Some Guy Who Kills People is the best kind of splatter film -- one that doesn't take itself seriously. The black comedy features Kevin Corrigan as a loser who gets abused by everyone around him. After spending some time in the looney bin, Kevin comes back home, where he's surrounded by pushy women. There's his mother (a wonderfully vile Karen Black), a daughter he never knew he had (Ariel Gade) and a new girlfriend (Lucy Davis).

Kevin spends a lot of time drawing comics with a vengeful superhero who makes sure the bad guys get what they deserve (as in, dead). When a series of grisly murders that mirror Kevin's drawings start happening, the local sherriff (Barry Bostwick) begins investigating.

Director Jack Perez (Xena: Warrior Princess and Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus) brings a wonderful touch of deadpan comedy to the film. In his hands, Corrigan delivers a surprisingly likable Kevin, who might be a mad mass murderer, but who gets our sympathy nonetheless. John Landis (Animal House and An American Werewolf in London) is executive producer.

Just in time for the fourth of July comes The American Dream, a GI film with a different take on enlisted life. Luis (Jamil Walker Smith, who also writes and directs) and Ronald (Malcom Goodwin, lately of Breakout Kings) are best friends. Luis is a wannabe filmmaker. Before shipping out to Afghanistan, the pair capture their last few days stateside on film.

Smith started The American Dream after finding out that a new friend was a Marine. Smith knew his friend was opposed to war, so he didn't understand the man's choice to enlist. Through their friendship, he came to understand that the man saw military service as a way to better his life. The irony was, of course, that his chosen path to the American dream might cost him his life.

In the same way, Luis and Ronald see few options for themselves. Enlisting makes sense to them, but as the time to ship out draws closer and closer, the reality of what they've signed up for comes crashing down on them.

Chesty Morgan's Bosom Buddies includes Deadly Weapons, Double Agent 73 and The Immoral Three. Chesty Morgan stars; Doris Wishman directs.

Okay, so this is just for a giggle. Chesty Morgan, a.k.a. ZsaZsa, a.k.a. She With the 73-inch Bustline, stars in a triple feature release out today, Chesty Morgan's Bosom Buddies. There's Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73 with Chesty, and The Immoral Three with Cindy Boudreau, Sandra Kay and Michele Marie. Mostly Morgan prances around, fighting crime with her tits (no, really, she hides a spy camera in them in one film). There are some loose plots, but mostly they're just set-ups for Chesty to show off her super-humongous tatas. This trio of camp 1970s films features wonderfully bad acting.

Extras for the Blu-ray release include a trailer show and gallery of director Doris Wishman's exploitation art.

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