DVDs & Blu-rays: The Grey

The Grey

stars Liam Neeson and Dallas Roberts; Joe Carnahan directs, writes and produces.

It was easy to like The Grey when it came out last January and its release now on DVD/Blu-ray is a bright spot in an otherwise dreary week. In the film, a group of tough guys working on an Alaskan pipeline are flying home for some R&R when their plane crashes in the middle of the wilderness.

Liam Neeson is Ottoway, an outdoorsman and hunter who's attached to the group as a protection detail for the wolves that stalk the men who work on the pipeline. After the crash, the men look to Ottoway to lead them out of the wilderness. That in and of itself is a monumental task, since the group has almost no supplies. But it's made even more difficult when a wolf pack picks up their scent and starts launching a series of attacks.

The acting, especially by Neeson and former Houstonian Dallas Roberts, is excellent. (See our interview with Dallas Roberts.) The action scenes are the right balance of fear, hope and good camerawork. The stark and frozen wilderness provides the perfect backdrop to the emotional freeze that grips the men. Extras include deleted scenes, and feature commentary with co-writer/director Joe Carnahan.

The Grey is a wonderful adventure film; a second viewing on DVD/Blu-ray is highly recommended. Expect thrills, tears, black comedy, lots of intense emotions and, if you pay close attention, some life lessons (like death ain't always the worst thing that can happen to you).

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