DVDs & Blu-rays: The "Well, Damn!" Edition


stars Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker and Malin Akerman; Aaron Harvey writes and directs.

The Setup: Everybody shoots everybody. The end.

Oh, okay, we'll give you a little more. Three beautiful but seriously screwed-up women are on a "job" (translation, they're going to rob some robbers). The women are wonderfully played by Malin Akerman, Nikki Reed and Deborah Ann Woll. Sexy, sweaty and slightly stupid, they work for Mel, play by Bruce Willis. A shady character, played by Forest Whitaker, dons several identities, including one that has a serious Scarface accent.

The heist goes wrong. Nothing surprising there. It's why the heist goes wrong that's interesting. It could be just one too many guns in the room...then again, it could be an elaborate triple-double cross.

The Execution: The first couple of shootings are a complete surprise (hence the "Well, Damn!" title above). After that first encounter, writer/director Aaron Harvey throws any semblance of a linear story line out the window. He gives us bits and pieces about the events leading up to the shoot-out, which, at the end, fall neatly into place. All of these characters are despicable; they're an ensemble of liars, cheats, thieves and whore-mongers. But what beguiling baddies they are! And what an intricate trap they've laid out for themselves.

The Extras: There's not much, just an audio commentary with writer/director Aaron Harvey and editor Richard Bayard.

Here's something else that might interest bang-bang flick fans: Colombiana. The film features Zoe Saldana as a La Femme Nikita-type character. Here a little girl sees her family killed and grows up to get her revenge. Yes, we've seen this story line a hundred times, but Saldana, who is extremely watchable, brings a certain simmering sexuality and strength to her performance. And the Colombian setting makes for a different background.


stars Zoe Saldana and Michael Vartan; Olivier Megaton directs.

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