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DVDs & Blu-rays: The Woman Edition and DVD Giveaway

The Woman stars Pollyanna McIntosh and Sean Bridgers; Lucky McKee directs.

The Setup: Director Lucky McKee and writer Jack Ketchum give us a violent and twisted morality tale in The Woman. (And we give some lucky readers copies of the DVD; details below.) Pollyanna McIntosh stars as a wild woman who's been living in the woods. We don't mean wild as in Girls Gone Wild, we mean wild as in feral (think an angry Gollum with hair and boobs). Along comes family man Chris Creek (Sean Bridges). He's hunting game and immediately sets his sites on capturing her instead. He manages to trap her, haul her home and chain her up, telling his dumbfounded family they're going to "civilize" her. (This from a guy who just captured a human being.)

The Execution: This is a horror film and it lives up to the moniker. There's lots of blood, rape and torture. Supposedly audience members walked out of its screening during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, but that may have been staged (we're just saying).

We didn't find anything too, too physically gruesome in the film (translation: We were able to watch it without throwing up). Yes, there's lots of violence, but most of it's the emotional abuse Chris heaps on his family. He beats his wife, and all his kids are one trauma away from being certifiable. The woman is pretty pissed and she goes toe-to-toe with Chris before it's all over.

Ironically, she's the good guy in the film. (We told you this was a morality tale, remember?)

The Extras: Really, after all of that you want extras? Okay, the DVD includes a few: a featurette on the making of The Woman, deleted scenes and a short film, Mi Burro, along with a music track by Sean Spillane.

The Giveaway: We're giving away DVD copies of The Woman. To enter, just send an e-mail with "The Woman" in the subject line to [email protected]. You must include your full name and mailing address in the body of the e-mail. Do it soon, because we'll draw random winners on Friday at 5 p.m. You must live in the United States to be eligible. (Sorry, Canada.)

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Olivia Flores Alvarez