Encyclopedia Gothica: Liisa Ladouceur Explains It All

We knew that we were going to like this book from the very first page.

Ask a Goth person, "What is Goth?" and they'll likely tell you, "I'm not Goth." Which is a sure sign that they are, in fact, 666 percent Goth.

Amen, sister. As head of the prestigious and influential Gothic Council, we can tell you right now that defining what is goth and what is not goth can be an arduous task requiring painstaking research and an uncommon amount of snark. Or rather, it did. Now we can just look up the answer in the Encyclopedia Gothica.

Liisa Ladouceur delves right into the heart of the matter in her introduction, namely that what constitutes goth has grown so widely since its birth in the 1970s that most Goths take to identification by denial. Luckily, Ladouceur, like us, is an egalitarian goth who believes that any and all aspects of life that attract the black-clad masses should be included under the umbrella.

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