Epic Cleavage Girl Needs...Uh...We Forgot

Back in September, Winter Pierzina, also known as "Epic Cleavage Girl" online, was texting while driving, ticketed, and is now facing jail time if she doesn't pay her $2,500 fine in her home state of California.

She was made famous a few years back after a set of nude and semi-nude photos of the buxom brunette made the rounds on adult message boards and the like. She soon started her own YouTube channel where she would stuff everyday items in her bra, along with other performances. Most all of her videos get taken down by site administrators for breast overload after a few days and a thousand views.

She recently opened a PayPal account to request money from fans with a sliding scale for certain dollar amounts donated. Under $25 you have your name listed as a donor on a video. Up to $50 you will get a personal video, and anything above that will earn you a "risque" video and a photoset.

PayPal shut down her account, but she opened up a new site at http://www.mygirlfund.com/winter to help pay her fines, noting on her profile "My goal is $2900 to pay my fines and court costs and to keep my butt (and everything else) out of jail!"

You know what, why couldn't she invent some cellphone holder for her boobs if she's so good at putting a copy of Full Metal Jacket in her bra? Or maybe hire someone to drive her around?

This woman is a true patriot and an American hero who... (breaks into Glenn Beck-style sobbing) and if loving Winter...I'm not a journalist. I'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about her boobs. I'm just a guy who loves her boobs and I care about them.

I mean her.

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