Esther Baxter: From Urban Model to Actress

In the urban model scene, Esther Baxter was the queen. She modeled for urban magazines, starred in music videos and won the VIBE Award for Vixen of the year in 2005. But, as of 2007, she decided to stop urban modeling completely and transition into acting.

Tonight, Baxter has arrived in Houston for the red carpet and premiere of her newest film, Because I Love You, at AMC 30, 2949 Dunvale. Her character, Maxine, works the front desk of a club that is robbed.

"She [Maxine] is a regular person," says Baxter. "Chaos happens and her whole world is turned upside down."

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Her acting career began with a co-starring role in Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns in 2009. After her breakout role in the TV series, Baxter has starred in four other films before Because I Love You.

She says she loves acting because each role allows her to experience someone else's story. "I want to be versatile and go into different characters in each film," Baxter says, "being able to step into their shoes and understand a different story."

Other than acting, Baxter has decided to dip her toes into promoting her T-shirt line and creating a cooking and food blog, EB Delights.

"I got as far as I wanted to get [in modeling]," says Baxter. "Me not wanting to go back to it is because it would be the same thing; I have already done that -- that is familiar waters and I know what I can do there. This is my passion now. This is something that I am very determined to do and succeed at."

Baxter says she could not have successfully made this career transition without the help of her management team.

"I have never been alone in this," she says. "It has been a combined effort that has been very different than when I was modeling. I was managing myself on that end, [but now] I have an actual team pushing me towards my dreams in acting."

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