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Experience the "Nowness" of the Moment at Peel Gallery

"Nowness," a show opening at Peel Gallery tonight, brings together work from artists Cory Ryman and Diana Al-Hadid, two artists attracting attention at the moment for works in multiple materials and media, which also strongly engage natural and built environments--especially architecture.

It's a show we can't wait to see.

Writing about Mr. Ryman's work in the New York Times, Roberta Smith's description suggests a very satisfying use of "materiality," a very of-the-moment topic in architecture right now:

"Gator Ghost," a small relief covered mostly with little triangles of wood placed perpendicular to one another, keeps you nicely off-balance. The three or four greens of the triangles may or may not be the artist's choice; then there's the odd illusion of bumpy, basketlike weaving they convey and finally the way their march is halted by a swath of yellow paint and a drawn graphite line, both laid down over white.

Diana Al-Hadid's work references towers, according to Peel owner Steven Hempel, creating tower-like structures and paintings depicting the world in a state of decay. She has a show going to Dallas's Nasher Sculpture Center in fall 2011.

The show's curators, Hempel and his frequent collaborator independent curator Lea Weingarten, defined the show as "a study of the pastness of the present and...the presentness of the past" (R.E. Spiller quote).

Get it? Nowness.

The opening reception will be tonight at Peel Gallery from 6:30-9 p.m.

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