Extreme Makeover, Houston Edition: Send Us Photos of Your Flipped House

The season for spring cleaning is well over, and we know some of you crafty/handy/Real Simple types did something pretty extraordinary with your homes, like make flower beds out of railroad ties or use bricks to paint walls or fit your TV into a dumbwaiter.

The point is, we're a bunch of looky-loos who want to see what you've done with the place. We'd also like to share them with the rest of the looky-loos in Houston here on our website, so everyone can see just how you've revamped your living space.

We're looking for before/after photos, interior shots, exterior shots, rehabs, interesting paint jobs, small but comfortable living spaces and any other unique renovations you care to share. We'll even feature a tool shed if it has some amazing features, like a custom workbench or a ceiling pool.

We know you've got interesting homes, Houston! Now it's time to share.

Please send photos to Art Attack editor Caroline Evans at [email protected]

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