Facebook's Big Announcement Could Mean Some Crazy Collaborations: Our Top 5 Predictions

There's a steady rumbling across the Internet today in anticipation of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's gigantic announcement tomorrow about the next incarnation of Facebook. The announcement will be made during the F8 developer conference going on in San Francisco, and according to certain sources, it is likely to be "media changing."

"Media changing" means big britches to fill for the social media mogul. After Zuckerberg's last huge announcement involving the partnership between the social giant and Skype, which wasn't actually news, we're not counting our Angry Birds before they hatch. It is rumored that the announcement will involve some type of video viewing partnership with established companies such as Hulu or Netflix.

According to the NY Post:

That integration could result in the potential for users to see what their friends are watching on Hulu and share video content between their personal networks.

So, while you are catching up on those episodes you missed of Melissa and Joey, your friends will be able to watch at the same time and make comments? Uh, woah!

It is also rumored that Facebook may even include book sharing, a virtual library between you and your friends. This would be such an asset to classmates and teachers. Imagine highlighting textbook annotations with your friend, in real time. Why stop there? Since Facebook is priming to take over the world, why not get wild with their collaborations?

Art Attack spent some time thinking about who and what FB will team up with, to make our lives that much more plugged in and Big Brother-esque. Here are a few of our zany predictions:

5. Facebook FTD Singing Telegram - No one sends singing telegrams anymore! Let's bring them back online. When you're logged on to FB, a friend will be able to virtual-bomb your page with a singing clown or a video of a giant cat. This will be so much more personal than the 500 arbitrary "Happy birthday" posts you get because it will require at least two mouse clicks.

4. Facebook and Red Light Cameras - Imagine it got posted to your FB feed when you ran a red light? We can see this one really happening. Well... not in Houston.

3. Facebook/Pappa John's Make Your Own Pizza App - You're on FB all day anyway, collaborate with your roomies on what toppings you should get on the night's dinner.

2. Wikibook - Facebook should team up with Wikipedia, so that everything you post or is posted about you turns into your personal Wikipedia page. That'll get you to stop posting vague commentary on your life, because you are going to need additional citations for verification.

1. Facebook and Twitter - We don't even know how this would make sense or whether it will make the Earth implode, but we're sure Ashton Kutcher will have the most followers.

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