Fall TV Pilot: Super Fun Night

Title: Super Fun Night

Network - Day - Time: ABC - Wednesday - 8:30 PM

Brief Plot Synopsis: Kimmy (Rebel Wilson) is somehow a budding lawyer with a recent promotion, despite a lack of social and public speaking skills. She and her two nerdy friends are looking to expand their horizons, so they pick something "fun" to do out of a jar of "super fun ideas." There's also a rival lawyer that hates her and a hot British lawyer that seems to like her for some odd reason. Where it will go from there, I cannot say.

Isn't she that Australian actress from Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect? Yes and she was hilarious, but in this show she has an American accent.

New Idea Or Retread? It's a friend/office sitcom focusing on an self-conscious, heavy-set girl. It's sort of a new idea. I would compare it to The Drew Carry Show except it's nothing like that series save the compartmentalization of friend and officemates.

Who's The Audience? Rebel Wilson got a lot of comedy street cred from her roles in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, so one would think this show is for her growing fan-base. Other than that... I have no idea who the target audience is. I don't think ABC knows this either.

Will You Watch It Again? N.O. Not only was Super Fun Night confused in plot and direction, it was not in the least bit funny. The jokes were stale and trite, the characters were thin and one-noted and... did I mention that it wasn't funny?

Odds Of Lasting the Season: 5-10 percent. This series needs to do a 360 to get back the audience I am sure it lost with this pilot episode.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.