Fall TV Pilots: The Michael J. Fox Show

Title: The Michael J. Fox Show

Network - Day - Time: NBC - Thursday - 8 PM

Brief Plot Synopsis: Michael J. Fox is Michael Henry, an award-winning news anchor who left is job due to his struggle with Parkinson's. After spending too much time at home annoying his family with desired togetherness, he is convinced to go back to his job reporting at NBC. His Parkinson's is a big part of the show and how he and his family have been dealing with it.

Was it sad at all though? Actually no. The whole thing is done rather tastefully and Fox is good at poking fun at his ailment.

New Idea Or Retread? Well, it is your basic domestic/situational comedy - marriage issues, parental concerns, a kooky, self-indulgent sister-in-law, the usual stock characters. A major plot point of the show, however, is Mike's illness, which is not something you find often in a sitcom.

Who's The Audience? If you are a Fox fan, this show is right up your alley, especially if you've had your fingers crossed that he would have a triumphant comeback. Any sitcom enthusiast should enjoy it. If you really missed those Today Show cameos on 30 Rock (Matt and Al have already made appearances), you are in for a treat.

Will You Watch It Again? Maybe. I did laugh out loud on more than three occasions. Fox is adorable and wonderful as always. His entire family is also quite funny. Betsy Brandt, who plays his wife, does comedy well and their children are quirky and weird - in a good way. It also has the advantage of coming on after Parks and Rec.

Odds Of Lasting the Season: 95 percent. Aside from the fact that the pilot was solid, it's Michael J. Fox and his comeback story is solid gold. I have a feeling that even if the ratings aren't as stellar as NBC would like them to be. 1. They have basically nothing else. 2. It's Michael J. Fox.

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