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Falling Skies: "A More Perfect Union"

Regular Falling Skies reviewer, Pete Vonder Haar, has once again recruited me to wrap up last night's episode. I am highly honored by his faith in my television annotation abilities; as fans of the show are aware, last night was the season finale! (Although, I think that my stand-in had more to do with a scheduling conflict than any sort of Rudy-like sense of encouragement).

Last time we checked in with the 2nd Mass, they had found their way to the supposed Garden of Eden that is Charleston, South Carolina. They quickly came to understand that, nope, this place sucks too.

With Manchester (Terry O'Quinn), the pseudo-president of the South Carolinian democracy, locked up by his own military, Tom (Noah Wyle) and crew are asked to join the coupe. Tom defiantly stands by Manchester, which proves to be a bad idea; the 2nd Mass will also be thrown in the slammer for resisting the resistance. Try that one on for size.

They are saved, somewhat, by a gang of rebel skitters led by none other than the "one with the red eye." We've met this skitter before, he's one of the good ones, so we are being led to believe. In tow with the skitters is little Ben (Connor Jessup), who has been trying to tell everyone about this skitter mutiny for, like, ever. Maybe now his father will believe him.

Red eye explains that there is a chance to throw the entire skitter world out of whack by sneaking in on the overlord of the bad skitter crew. The rebellion would do it themselves, but they've got to deal with that pesky sensory perception issue; the humans can sneak in unnoticed.

General Bressler (Matt Frewer), understandingly, doesn't buy any of this and orders his men to fire at will. However, Tom jumps in and the rest of the 2nd Mass follow suit, leaving the military unable to have a skitter slaughter bath. Tom convinces Bressler to let them go down a rabbit hole to find out if the skitter rebellion is for real or not. Sure, says Bressler, have at it. Of course as soon as Tom is out of earshot, Bressler tells his number one to kill every alien he sees.

Hal (Drew Roy) goes to visit his little bro Ben to tell him that enough is enough and it's time to come on home now, but Ben is not having it. He is sticking it out rebel-style.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, we learn that Tom and would-be girlfriend/doctor Anne (MOON BLOODGOOD) were, let's just say, "unsafe." Anne is totally pregs and Tom doesn't know.

Ben and the skitter rebellion are attacked by Bressler's team, but the general plays innocent. Tom and Captain Weaver (Will Patton) decide that despite this set-back, they are going in to fight the dark overlord and blow up whatever WMD the skitters have.

It's just like old times for the 2nd Coming; Tector is back, Weaver's out of his military fatigues and the gang's all here. Even Anne is coming along for the ride despite looking like every whiff of alien may make her barf at any moment. Hal and Maggie (Sarah Carter) are back on too, despite never being on in the first place.

Under Ben's guide, the team slip through a hidden cavern to their inevitable demise. Just when you thought things were going bad for the 2nd Mass, Karen, the skitter-slut, shows up as the overlord's number two. She's armed and dangerous with an electrical prod, zapping every last member of the team, except Hal, who she tries to French kiss into some weird alien submission. Not only is Karen an evil bitch, but she's also a complete gossip and leaks that Anne is with child.

The skitter rebellion rushes in right in the nick of time to save the 2nd Mass, but not before several casualties including old red eye. Confronted by the evil alien lord, Tom finds a big stick and pummels him to death. Karen throws out a clichéd, "I'll get you next time, and your little dog too," and scampers up a wall and out of sight.

The 2nd Mass return victorious to a super corny ticker tape parade (more like a military homecoming) by the doubting Debbies. As they are now the coolest kids in the school, Manchester asks Tom to stay in Carolina and take his position as team leader, which Tom gratefully declines. He will continue to fight the good fight.

After suffering from Karen's alien attempt at first base, Hal is left to recover in a hospital room. He awakens, groggy and disoriented. He walks over to a mirror to make sure his stunning face is still perfect looking, (it is) and notices a moving object under the skin of his eye. He has been alienified and given his creepy, sinister smile, we know he has entered the dark side!

And just at that moment, when you think, OK so this is how the season is going to end, the 2nd Mass is back on the dusty trail, Ben returns to his family, Anne and Tom are going to be parents and Hal will be Season Three's inevitable bad guy, an explosion comes from the sky in the form of a giant spacesuit/rocket ship. The space mask opens to reveal the craziest looking alien you have ever seen on this show! Is it a bad alien? Is it there to help? Who knows! And we won't know until next year!

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