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Falling Skies: "Homecoming"

I have been battling a 103-degree fever for the past few days, which may make my assessment of this week's episode of Falling Skies somewhat incohesive. That being said, my fever delirium may have enhanced the show, making the already dreamlike quality of this program even trippier.

The episode opens with Doctor Anne and Tom waking up from a night together, reminiscing on the good old days. Those days being when aliens hadn't yet taken over the planet. I didn't realize they were together; I don't know if this is common knowledge, but they make sense as a couple.

Tom shows up late for "work," where the Captain promptly reprimands him. This interaction sucks. I always imagine that if there is anything good to look forward to in the apocalypse, it's the fact that your bosses are all dead or missing and there is no being tardy as you don't have a job anymore, and that the streets are filled with cheese.

Before the captain can say another thing, he goes into convulsions. The rash that we saw the doctor trying to cure last week has spread. It's covering his body.

While on patrol in the woods, Hal and Maggie have yet another conversation about their relationship and again she tells him it isn't going to happen. Before he can bat his pretty eyelashes in an attempt to convince her otherwise, Hal finds a dead body hidden underneath the brush. And then they find about ten other dead bodies, one of them being Karen, Hal's alien-harnessed girlfriend.

No one is too pleased about the arrival of Karen, especially Ben, who claims she is still being controlled by the Skitters. Karen seems like she's a human being, but everyone has reason to distrust her. She was almost dead, and randomly shows up a mile or so from the 2nd Mass' hideout in a hospital, which is an odd coincidence. Ben appoints himself in charge of watching over her. He thinks he is impervious to her alien manipulations. I'm not too sure about that as the moment she starts crying to him about her harnessing, he gets all soft on her. I don't buy anything she says.

The captain is quickly dying and Tom's solution is to get him to Charleston to a "real" doctor. Ouch. This is easier said than done because they have been draining all of the vehicles' fuel to power the hospital, and they have about 12 hours until the power cuts completely. Fuel or no fuel, Tom wants them to take the Captain to Charleston. Doctor Anne says no way; she will figure this one out on her own. Tom agrees to give her one more night to figure it out.

The doctor's solution to saving the Captain is somewhat unorthodox; by some bizzaro logic, the doctor and her assistant decide that there is some sort of alien baby thing growing inside the Captain's blood, freezing it, and it is thriving on the cold temperature. Their solution is to pump the Captain's blood out of his body, warm it up to kill the parasite and then pump it back in. Okay, if you say so.

Ben brings Karen some breakfast the following morning, only to find the two are connected in ways that no one else understands. They can both hear things going on miles away, they have superhuman strength and when they get close to each other, their spikes glow. Hal walks in on them "glowing" and it freaks him out. It must be strange to be jealous of your little brother and your ex-dead girlfriend and stranger still that the thing he has going on with her is alien.

Maggie has had enough of Karen and goes to tell her what's what. Karen tries to play it off innocent, but it doesn't last long. Karen lashes out and beats the crap out of Maggie, and then convinces Ben that Maggie started it all. Ben knows what's what, but rather than doing the right thing, he grabs Karen and makes a break for it. Hal tries to stop them, but remember that they have super-strength and seemingly the Vulcan nerve pinch. Ben and Karen disappear into the dark, leaving Hal unconscious.

Miraculously, the Captain is saved and just before they can all start singing kumbaya, Pope, one of the 2nd Mass team who has recently come back from being attacked by a group of Skitters, awakes in a panic. The Skitters are coming, and they are after Ben!

This was yet another exciting and dramatic episode of Falling Skies. Life for the 2nd Mass just gets more and more difficult, leaving me to retract any and all wishes that I have ever had for the apocalypse. If this is how it's going to be, I'd rather just go to work.

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