Falling Skies: "Life As You Know It On This Planet Will Cease To Exist."

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As the third season of Falling Skies winds down, we're starting to get a pretty good idea of what events are going to figure heavily in the season finale. With last night's latest distraction for Tom and sons, a final episode confrontation with Karen over Anne and Alexis seems likely (even odds Alexis is fully grown by then).

Also, given the surprising revelation of the identity of the Mole (please forgive me, Gloria Reuben) and Cochise's continuing vagueness regarding the Volm weapon, lots of shit is about to go down.

And we are now in our third week sans MOON BLOODGOOD. The world has become a dark place indeed.

Sunday's episode, "The Pickett Line," split the action between Tom's search party and events back in Charlerston. First, the Swiss family Mason reach the place where they're supposed to rendezvous with the rebel Skitters, only to find the rebels have been ambushed (this after Ben cryptically mentions the new rebel leader's "patience"). Back at camp, Hal (Drew Roy) muses about what might have happened if they'd elected to stay out of the fight. Hold that thought, buddy.

Actually, don't hold it too long, because no sooner do they get a few miles down the road then they're ambushed by a bunch of ski-mask sporting banditos who take their shit, Hermione style, and mock them for their claims of people in Charleston banding together and fighting back against the aliens.

Naturally Tom (Noah Wyle) and the boys follow them back to their base camp, and naturally Matt (Maxim Knight) shoots a guy in the process. This is Carl from The Walking Dead all over again. Turns out, the two clans aren't all that different: Tom tries to convince the patriarch their way is best, but the imminent death of "Uncle Gil" threatens to complicate matters. Hillbilly Dad gets the drop on them because Tom stupidly trusts him. The Appalachian standoff ends because Clay (the dad) can't bring himself to shoot Tom and none of his kids have the stomach for executions. See? Two sides of the same coin, yadda yadda yadda.

And because of this intrinsic connection, Tom rides back alone(?) to warn the Picketts of a coming mech assault, and is captured. Seems his effort was as futile as the charge of that same name at the Battle of Gettysburg. How could you not see that coming, HISTORY PROFESSOR?

Back in Charleston, Weaver (Will Patton) and Pope (Colin Cunningham) barely have time to get into their latest lovers quarrel (new President Marina wants to move "Popetown" to make room for new refugees) when Cochise (Doug Jones) shows up carrying President Hathaway (Stephen Collins). How ... convenient they survived. Oh, never mind; it's because the Volm are "genetically engineered for combat" and able to survive things like plane crashes. No worries. Cochise assure Hathaway their weapon will be ready, but Marina (Reuben) isn't so sure. Cochise blows her off as not being in the need to know, even after she assures everyone removing Hal's probe eliminated the mole problem.

Huh, that sounds like something a MOLE would say.

Weaver agrees with Marina's assessment, but Hathaway blows him off as well. Nothing will stop the mysterious weapon these allegedly friendly aliens want to build without any oversight. Not even Pope's "organized work stoppage" in protest of getting relocated. What a tremendous bitch he is, and not because he's leading the protest because he has an honest problem with the Volm (and maybe he does), but because he's losing profit. Weaver arrests him (instead of "disappearing" his ass) as a pretense to forewarning him. It seems the esteemed Colonel doesn't buy Cochise's story about needing a super duper weapon to prevent the Espheni defense grid from irradiating the Earth, or something.

WHAT THE? Lourdes (Seychelle Gabrielle) is the mole? Well, we knew it was a female that killed Manchester (or a dude with tiny hands), but then she greases Hathaway as well. Right there she leaps to the top of the all-time Presidential assasination leader board. Swimming with alien eyeworms, she still gets to sit in with Marina, Weaver, and Anthony as they plan their strategy to take down the grid. Oops.

Next week: Did they just ... *clone* Tom?

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