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Falling Skies: "Love and Other Acts of Courage"

Usually Pete covers Falling Skies but he is taking some time off to have a life/go on vacation, so I am filling in. I know little about this show, save its Wikipedia description, so bear with me as I recreate this week's episode for you loyal fans.

As the show opens, we find Ben, who has apparently been missing, holding his arms up to sky in a worshipping fashion. There's definitely something off about him; he's in Skitter territory.

After an explosion occurs across the city, Tom, Captain Weaver and the team head toward the wreckage to find out what occurred. They mention that there are no dead human bodies, just dead Skitter bodies. Are these aliens attacking each other?

Amongst the rubble, a half-dead Rick is found buried under one of the Skitters. When he comes to, he is disoriented and convinces the team that he knows the whereabouts of Ben and will take them to him. When the crew find Ben, he is protecting a Skitter that Tom is quite familiar with. This particular alien was amongst those that interrogated Tom when he was kidnapped last season. According to Ben, this Skitter is a good guy. Rather than killing the creature, they take him in.

During a mission to find medical supplies, Hal and Maggie wind up hiding from a group of Skitters in an abandoned car. How convenient for Maggie who has to lie on top of Hal to hide from the oncoming aliens. It's the old let-me-lie-on-you-while-aliens-attack, trick. The two flirt like a pair of high schoolers; their teeth are unbelievably white for two people that live in a post-apocalyptic world. After a candid conversation about Maggie's previous fight against cancer, she and Hal share a kiss, which totally freaks her out. Why? She obviously likes him, yet she tells him that he needs to keep it in his pants. It's confusing.

Meanwhile, the captured Skitter has a one-on-one with Tom and relays what Ben has previous alluded to - a Skitter rebellion. The Skitter tells Tom that he and his kind are also waging a war against their dominating overlords and want the humans to join forces. It could be plausible or maybe it's just a trap. It's hard to think this Skitter is telling the truth, especially since he speaks through a young boy with glowing spikes in his back. Plus, there is a surprise attack on the 2nd Mass, which results in Rick being killed and Maggie taking a bullet to the chest. It's all very dramatic.

After saving Maggie's life, Hal sort of confesses his affection for her and she basically reciprocates. It is a budding romance if there ever was one.

It seems that the episode's major focus is what the hell the 2nd Mass should do about Ben, and is he crazy or are the Skitters playing for two different teams. The Captain fears that Ben is a danger and his dad tends to agree. How Ben's potential threat to the team will be handled is yet to be decided. But there's one thing that is for sure, some "you know what" is going to hit the fan and Tom will have to choose between his love for his son and the safety of the group. This is not a choice anyone would want to make.

As the episode closes, Ben tells his kid bro that something big is coming... sooner than they all know.

As a novice to the show I have to say I am intrigued. It's got a nice mix of drama and soap, sprinkled with suspense, and Noah Wyle is always fantastic. I only wish that the aliens were creepier looking and less creatures that just walked off the set of Doctor Who. I do have to add that Drew Roy who plays Hal is absurdly good looking; I'm sure this is something Pete has never mentioned before.

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