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Falling Skies: "The Master Wanted To Take A More...Aggressive Approach"

It figures; the week I go out of town is the week Tom and Anne finally get their post-apocalyptic freak on. Of course, this is basic cable, so apparently all the audience got was that morning afterglow, and then the awkward, "No really baby, I think you're a *great* doctor, but we still need to get to Charleston so Weaver can, you know, live."

So of course Anne saves Weaver from the deadly alien blood parasite(!). And of course Ben "goes Injun" and splits with Karen, and of course Pope is back. Because what's the end times without a few screaming assholes?

Thanks once again to Abby Koenig for covering my ass while I was in San Diego. As a reward for all her hard work, I've been talking with the powers-that-be at the Press about letting her cover Charlie Sheen's new show. You're welcome, Abby!

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