Fashion Is a Series of Tubes: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, February 9-12

Fashion Week is almost here! Held semiannually, the February Fall/Winter shows are just two weeks away, but if you're like us you are ready now. The excitement of the February show is heightened by its position in the middle of award season, when our appetite for gowns, jewels and accessories is whetted by the Globes, the SAGs and, of course, the Academy Awards.

Held at Lincoln Center, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will feature the Fall/Winter 2012 collections from all of your favorite designers, from Anna Sui to Zang Toi. Here's where to find the fashion action on the Internet.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Official): The official page of New York Fashion Week, you'll find the full event schedule, photos, video and links to designer bios and collections. Sign up to receive updates from your favorites.

New York Fashion Week: A little heavy on the flash and advertising, but is chock-full of great information nonetheless. Full runway collections will be posted, as well as video and information on all of the designers. We love the convenient "social" link on the menu, which lets you share with fellow fashionistas.

GoFugYourself: The Fug girls don't just cover what's going on on the runway, they give us a sneak peek at who is doing/saying/wearing what in the audiences and backstage. In addition to checking in at GoFugYourself, follow their Fashion Week coverage at

The Style Scribe: Houston fashion blogger Merritt Beck is The Style Scribe (formerly Manolos & Martinis), and she is heading to New York for Fashion Week. Also follow Merritt as The Style Scribe on Facebook.

Huffington Post Runway: HuffPo's Fashion Page is so busy it could give you a seizure, so stick to the dedicated HuffPo Fashion Week page to keep things simple. Coco would want it that way.

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Christina Uticone