Fashion Is Just Like Football

I am both amused and frustrated by individuals who continually mock those interested in fashion, especially those who work in fashion. It has happened to me so often that I have created a go-to answer for those would-be comedians: "Fashion is just like football!"

I chose football because of the ubiquitous nature of the sport and the universal appreciation it inspires. My attacker's response is usually confusion, followed by what I would describe as a "WTF!" stare. As he or she continues to look at me like I have said dolphins should run for President, I calmly outline all the similarities I see between the two institutions. And here is my logic...

Obsessed Fans For every one blogger camped outside of Fashion Week with no hope of entry, there are hundreds of diehard football fans tailgating outside of stadiums each weekend with no ticket for the game. And both groups show up decked out in their finest to demonstrate love for their favorites.

Cute Outfits Team uniforms are fussed over and critiqued just as much as, if not more than, the Michael Kors Spring 2014 line. Take a look at Nike's lookbook...oops, I mean rollout...of the new Pro Bowl and team regular season uniforms.

The Beautiful People The people in those cute outfits are regarded as the perfect human specimens to whom we are all supposed aspire. Sounds like a Cindy Crawford and Tom Brady to me. Models and athletes go to great lengths, some more healthily than others, to maintain their standing in their industry and are awarded with money, fame and the love of college frat boys everywhere.

Big Names I myself enjoy a good football game (Geaux Saints!) as much as the next guy, but I would not call myself a diehard. Yet I know the names Mike Ditka, Tony Dungy and Emmitt Smith. Those outside of fashion may not call themselves fans, but they know the names Gisele Bündchen, Anna Wintour and Rachel Zoe. Ridiculous Price Tags The most expensive shoe on NeimanMarcus.com is a pair of studded Valentinos for $3,500. The Chairmans Club Season tickets for Houston Texans Regular Season is $140 a game plus a $1,000 seat license fee (approx $3,300 for the full regular season). Both very expensive and both worth the money to those who can afford them. Also, both could feed a family of four for half a year.

Super Bowl/Fashion Week At the end of each season, the public is treated to a star-studded and ad-soaked extravaganza lasting multiple days, drawing thousands of fans and costing millions of dollars. We call it the Super Bowl. We also call it Fashion Week.

So to those feeling a bit put upon by anyone wearing a Texans jersey, here is your comeback. Now be careful, because this same argument could be used against you if you are complaining about game day TV. But no need to worry; once the zombie apocalypse hits, neither one will be missed.

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