Fashion Lovers, This Is What You'll Be Buzzing About in 2015

Now that 2014 is all but a memory, it is time to think forward to 2015. Here are the fashionable movies, trends, books, and stylish statements we will all be buzzing about during the coming year. Make a mental note, so you don't miss out.

Fashion Trends

Pantone Proclamation

Ever wonder where the designers get their color inspirations from, or how everyone is agreed the color of the year is kelly green, or whatever. You can blame Pantone. Yes, the people who bring you paint swatches, also give the color prescription for the year. Spring 2015 is all about soft hues.

Vogue Roundup

For a full summary of the Spring 2015 trends, Vogue has you covered. My favorite would have to be boho for evening, because maxi dresses are much more comfortable than mini skirts.

Fashion Lovers, This Is What You'll Be Buzzing About in 2015
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Beauty Trends

Faux Piercings

Get crazy with piercings Saturday night, then take them off for the Monday morning board meeting. No puncture required fashion was all over the runway, so make way for it in 2015.

Cat Eye Gone Crazy

Take the everyday cat eye liner look you know and love, then line all around your eyes for more drama. (2015 is going to be very dramatic.)

Fashion Lovers, This Is What You'll Be Buzzing About in 2015
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Negative Space Manicures The nail art obsession is taking a more conservative turn and incorporating geometric patterns and unpainted sections for a really cool look. As long as they don't include gluing Hello Kitty on my thumb, I'll try it.



Set to premier in March 2015, Emerging is a documentary focused on a year in the life of the fashion industry. From shows, to parties, to exclusive events, the film follows models, designers, buyers and internationals as they live out the fashion calendar.

The Age of Adaline

Not actually a fashion movie, but the buzz around the casting of Blake Lively, previous star of the hyper stylish show Gossip Girl, has made it one. The clothing by Oscar Award winning costume designer Angus Strathie are sure to impress.


Alexander McQueen

Many biographies have been written about the late designer Alexander McQueen, but this outing by seasoned biographer Andrew Wilson bears the seal of approval from the McQueen family. Their cooperation adds weight to this book and its account of McQueen's all too short life.

Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

The literary debut for Aliza Licht, VP of Global Communications for Donna Karan International and the brains behind @DKNY on Twitter and Tumblr, promises to be brimming with the hilarious insider stories DKNYPRGirl is known for.

Tech + Fashion

Healthy High Heels

How many technically trained scientists and engineers does it take to make the perfect high heel? Thesis Couture may have that number to us shortly. The company has employed an astronaut, a rocket scientist, and a surgeon to create a new line of high heels that are both stylish and comfy. The same people that put a shuttle in space are solving stilettos.

Wearable Tech That Is Wearable

We have been hearing about wearable tech for a while, but every option thus far has only been blah when it comes to style. Wearable "wearable tech" took center stage at this year's shows, so 2015 is predicted to be the year it finally hits the mainstream. If people like Diane von Furstenberg are designing pieces, I'm interested.

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