Feast of Saint Arnold

Saint Arnold Brewing Company’s annual Feast of Saint Arnold is a medieval shindig. It pays homage to the patron saint of brewers from whom they get their name. Arnold encouraged 11th-century Belgians to drink the beer he brewed in the Abbey of Saint Peter, saying that it was the gift of health. You could say that the feast is also a gift of health: Saint Arnold Brewing is donating the money raised at the feast to the Texas Children’s Hospital IBD Center/Gastroenterology Clinic, hoping to top last year’s donations of $12,000.

Chef Scott Castell of Saltgrass Steakhouse returns to prepare unbelievable fare, each offering incorporating one of Saint Arnold’s products. Expect gourmet entrées like beef tenderloin tips in drunken mushroom gravy over red, white and bleu potatoes. Plus, attendees will have a chance to sample a cask of Divine Reserve No. 12 before its official release. 5 p.m. Saint Arnold Brewing Company, 2000 Lyons Avenue.
Sun., July 15, 2012

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