February Kickstarter Round-Up: Wooden Pens and Crazy Filmmakers

Once a month we'll be bringing you a look at some of the best local Kickstarter campaigns in order to let you know what's getting ready to be unleashed through the help of small investors.

Frontier Graveyard: The Risen: I'm usually brutal on any kind of books raising money on Kickstarter because, and I cannot repeat this enough, you don't need money to write 90 percent of the books you want to publish. Most of the things you think you need to be doing, like printing up copies to try and sell to bookstores, are ridiculous and speak poorly of your understanding of the modern publishing world.

One exception is comics and graphic novels, which do indeed benefit a great deal from hard copies in comic shops. Sure, you can break into digital well. Our own Red 5 Comics is doing swimmingly in that area last I heard, but comics is still a very indie operation and folks are more likely to try out your wares if they can lay hands on them.

Frontier Graveyard has all the earmarks of a fantastic horror western comic right down to having samurais. The world needs more zombies like it needs more idiots talking about chemtrails, but everything in the book looks like brutal pulp fun. The $25 donation is your best value, netting you both a digital download and a print copy of the complete graphic novel. Higher levels get a zombified version of yourself on an alternative cover, which is probably worth a couple as a conversation piece in your home if nothing else.

Goal: $3,000 by March 3.

Elegant Handcrafted Items Made From Beautiful Wood: My grandfather was a master woodworker, so trust me when I say I know quality when I see it. Robert Hodge is looking to get into more and more of these amazingly stylish wooden crafts that he's started selling, and the wooden pens alone are worth looking at. If nothing else, click on the link for a brief video showing the process of creating them. It's a treat all by itself.

$20 gets you a basic slim line wooden pen that will definitely set you apart from the crowd. For the ultimate in style and swagger though you'll want to drop $65 on the fountain pen made of exotic woods and with chrome highlights. These sort of items normally retail to the conspicuous consumption crowd at much higher prices, so get some before Hodges realizes he's undercutting himself.

Goal: $400 by February 26

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Ekawa I - The Motion Picture: Finally, in this month's "What in the Name of God is Wrong With You?" category comes Martin Munoz who wants $8 million to make a movie. A movie about what? No idea, but he promises that it is a plot like no other. The project description reads like a college freshman's attempt at beat poetry, and there is absolutely zero evidence that Munoz has any idea what a movie even is let alone how to spend the cost of two Lost in Translations to make one. I've seen some baffling exercises in lack of self-awareness on Kickstarter, but Munoz takes the cake. To add insult to injury you wouldn't even get a copy of the movie in any form for anything less than $50. The highest level $10,000, only gets you invited to the premiere.

You know who you should spend money on instead? Eric Alfio Jafari's new flick Dark Silence: Evil Finds Its Way Home. Jafari had a sleeper hit with Her Cry (I didn't watch it because La Llorona scares the living hell out of me) which ran in some theaters for as long as six weeks. That's a pretty damned impressive run these days, especially for a horror flick. Dark Silence by definition already has a pedigree from the team behind it, and Jafari wants a much more reasonable sum of $55,000 to pull it off. You get a copy of the film for half the price of Munoz's delusion, and if you can drop $10,000 on Jafari he'll put you in the damned film and you get an IMDB producer credit out of it. If nothing else, you'll be finding an object lessen in not being a complete lunatic with your goals.

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