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Feeny FTW: The 10 Bestest TV Teachers Ever

Last week I covered your favorite movie teachers, and this week we dive into the wild and chalk-dust-covered world of television's best teacher mans and ladies. I had to stop myself from adding Lily from How I Met Your Mother, who is an elementary teacher on the sitcom, because that show is so gosh-darned funny and I didn't want to let the secret out about all the yucks and heartwarming humor of this sleeper hit.

Also, do Mr. Wizard, Beakman from Beakman's World and Bill Nye -- you know, that science guy -- count as TV teachers to you? They weren't really sitcoms, even though there were plenty of laughs, like the episode where Mr. Wizard denied the Holocaust happened while he helped a child make one of those boxes to look at a solar eclipse. And as for Ms. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus, she was too hot for words. We always imagined her letting her hair down and turning into Jessica Rabbit. Not creepy at all. That's what my fan fiction is for.

Personally, my favorite TV teacher was Bob Odenkirk's character on Mr. Show With Bob & David, who took his "Chip On The Shoulder Club" to a senior field trip up his mother's ass. Here are ten of my favorite TV teachers, including Mr. George Feeny, who creepily followed his students to college. Look man, you had plenty of time to holler at Topanga. Save some for Corey.

10. Mr. Feeny, Boy Meets World

9. Will Schuester, Glee

8. Peggy Hill, King Of The Hill

7. Charlie Moore or Billy MacGregor (final season), Head Of The Class

6. Mr. Gabe Kotter, Welcome Back, Kotter

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