FIFA Fashion: World Cup Teams Ranked by Uniform Style & You Are Welcome

The FIFA World Cup starts today amidst controversies and society upheavals. Though the kickoff of one of the worlds largest sports championships has been mired in some serious issues as of late, it seems fans are still hyped and ready to watch their teams win or lose on the world stage.

Speaking of teams, has anyone taken a look see at the uniforms? While the Olympic team uniforms are front and center in the approach to the games, the FIFA uniforms get no respect. And while we appreciate the players for their dedication to sport and athleticism, let's not forget that everything is all about the visual nowadays.

Here is a ranking of the top 10 teams playing in the FIFA World Cup based solely on their uniforms. This is serious science people. Play ball!


Clean, crisp and will not be white by the end of the game.


I usually shy away from horizontal stripes, but this works.


Love the sunshine yellow.


Checker print is always a statement maker.

Costa Rica

Check out the mandarin collar.


Crown watermark is snazzy.


Anything with a lightening bolt is cool.


Chevron print is slimming, but I don't think they need that tip.


Award for the best print goes to Cameroon.


Because... USA! USA!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.