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Fifty Shades of Grey:Finding Ms. Steele

Last week I discussed a few of the guys that were being considered to play Fifty Shades of Grey's stud muffin...Christian Grey. One reader asked why I hadn't mentioned who was going to play Anastasia Steele? Well good question. Have to's trickier trying to talk about other females without sounding too catty...but I'll give it a go.

Naturally almost every young actress in Hollywood has been mentioned...from Scarlett all the chicks in Twilight... and of course even Harry Potter's Emma Watson...weird. But after doing a little bit of research on the internet...viewing articles and blogs, I found a few interesting popular picks bloggers have chosen to play the quiet, timid...and sometimes stubborn Ms. Anastasia Steele.

As before I will start with my top pick and one of the most popular on the girl Natalie Portman! I know Portman is 31, but she looks much younger than she is. Plus she has that rare mix of both classic beauty and a subtle sexiness that the character is supposed to have. And I could see her having no problem having chemistry with any of the guys we mentioned to play Grey. But besides her youthful glow and sex appeal, Portman also fits the profile best....brunette, soft-spoken, sweet and smart. She graduated from Harvard. Need I say more? And honestly who would be better suited to play the lovely, meek and mild Ms. Steele then the White Swan herself...

Certainly not the Black Swan. Which leads to one of the web top picks: Mila Kunis. Now this is just all wrong. First off, when I think innocence, Kunis does not exactly come to mind. She would be about as believable for Anastasia Steele as Megan Fox would. Now don't get me wrong...she doesn't seem like a bad person in real life, but I don't think the star of Friends With Benefits would be very believable as an inexperienced quiet college student. Kunis is 29, but looks younger than she is so I'll give her that. Still she might be a little too sexpot-ish for the role. Wasn't she on the cover of Maxim?? Yes she's a brunette, but not very sweet looking...or book smart, maybe more street smart. This is just not adding up to a believable Ms. Steele here. I think a bunch of dudes must have chosen this one.

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Crystal Brannen