Fight Club

It's fun to watch people kick each other's asses. That's why Toughman Contest was the FX Network's highest-rated show for three years. Now the boxing competition has moved to pay-per-view, but you lucky Houstonians don't have to watch Toughman on TV. Strapping guys and gals that live within a 75-mile radius of Houston will face off at T-Town, and the winners will go on to the World Toughman Champions competition, where the prize is $50,000. It should be a diverse crew of fighters; organizers say past participants include construction workers, bouncers, police officers, doctors and lawyers.If you've boxed professionally or won more than five amateur fights during the past five years, this contest isn't for you. But if you wander around town insulting people and no one ever fronts you, or you've been in jail and didn't have your sandwich stolen, perhaps you'll make a name for yourself at the contest. One really tough guy -- Mr. T -- got his start crushing people at Toughman matches. 8 p.m. Monday, March 24, and Tuesday, March 25. T-Town, 6400 Richmond. For information or to enter, call 1-800-99-TOUGH. $15 to $30. - Cathy Matusow

WED 3/26
A Match Made in Houston
Why would the Rockets' new big man Yao Ming attend a women's professional soccer match? If not for the pure love of the game, then maybe he'd go to check out the play of Zhang Ouying, a.k.a. the Mia Hamm of China. A media liaison from the Houston Women's Soccer Association has contacted "Yao's people" to try to set up a meeting between the two sports stars at the upcoming exhibition game between the Atlanta Beat and the San Diego Spirit at Rice University. The game features four of the top eight women's soccer players: San Diego's Julie Foudy and Shannon MacMillan; and Atlanta's Briana Scurry and Cindy Parlow. According to the HWSA, last year's Houston event had the highest attendance of any exhibition game outside a franchise city. Did someone say franchise? 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 26. Rice University track/soccer stadium, entrance no. 8 (University at Stockton). For tickets, call 713-522-6957. $12 to $28. -- Troy Schulze

Bring It On
If you've got a washboard tummy and like jumping around, you should consider bringing your cute self to the 2003 Houston Texans Cheerleader Tryouts. Interested ladies should be sure to check the Texans Web site for auditioning tips. One of the most valuable bits: "Bring an extra outfit just in case something happens OR someone has your outfit on. (Yikes.)" Also, don't forget to bring makeup and hair products so you can "touch yourself up" during the day. After all, it's important to look your best, because you'll have to submit to being photographed with a Polaroid. And as cheerleaders know, "Polaroid pictures are not kind." Yikes. 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. registration. Saturday, March 22, and Sunday, March 23. Reliant Stadium Bubble, 2 Reliant Park. For information, visit - Cathy Matusow

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