First Look at The Houston Con

The Houston Con apparently has done a fine job of marketing, because even though this is a new con and this is a typical workday, there are a pretty good number of attendees. There are even some running around in costume. (I'm writing this at a table at the hotel Starbucks about 10 feet away from a vaping, heavily-bearded Batman. I didn't say they were all GOOD costumes, did I?)

Unfortunately, the con has had a few celebrity cancellations. James Cosmos of Game of Thrones had his passport stolen and is unable to travel abroad right now. Hector David Jr. (Power Rangers Samurai) is working the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday and has been replaced by Michael Copon (Power Rangers Time Force).

But there's still plenty to look forward to over the next two days.

Star Trek: Axanar. If you're a Star Trek fan who hasn't already seen Prelude to Axanar, you probably should. I've seen it and I'm more excited about it than I expected. It's really obvious the actors were all shot separately... probably miles apart from each other. But the function of this is a demonstration of concept so that fans will help fund the not-for-profit film via Kickstarter. The effects are stunning. These actors (Richard Hatch, Tony Todd, etc.) have some serious chops, so I personally would love to see these folks all in the same room together. Come see the cast here The Houston Con and watch Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar at 5:30 pm today, 4 pm Saturday and 10:30 am on Sunday.

The "Chosen Five" Power Rangers. Did you know Jason David Frank, who became possibly the most popular Ranger when he was Green Ranger, is a native Houstonian? He'll be signing autographs during the con and perhaps talking a bit about the upcoming "Mega Wars" movie.

Tony Todd's Q&A Session: The "Candyman" will answer your questions at 2:30 pm tomorrow in the DaVinci room. I'd go just to hear him talk in that commanding voice of his.

Hilton Houston North. I confess, when I heard this con was in the less-than-sexy Greenspoint area, I wondered what the hosting hotel was going to be like. It turns out it's a nice place. Be aware that the front parking lot is already full, so you'll probably want to park in the garage.

Cosplay Competition. Pre-judging for the competition is on Saturday, August 9th at 6:30 pm in the Galileo room. The competition will be on the Main Stage at 7:30 pm. There will be prizes, medals, etc. The judges are Jason David Frank and cosplayers Mariedoll and Soni Aralynn. Go to Booth A04 for more information.

Learn Something New. Take a Cosplay 101 class, get some steampunk tips, learn Klingon martial arts or learn how to wield a lightsaber at various times over the weekend.

Buy your tickets online until 8 pm today. Otherwise, you'll need to buy them at the door.

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Phaedra Cook
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