Five Great Movies Filmed in Houston

Earlier this week, the Alamo Drafthouse and Texas Monthly announced the schedule for their Rolling Roadshow, a film tour that pairs 10 great Texas movies with the places they were filmed. Giant and No Country for Old Men will be screened in Marfa, Tender Mercies will be shown in Waxahatchie, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be shown in Kingsland (have fun on the drive home, y'all!).

Of course, with a schedule like that and with the backing of such notable sponsors, we'd expect at least one screening of Rushmore or Reality Bites here in our fair city. Hell, we'd even settle for Sidekicks just to relive our middle school days when we didn't really know who Chuck Norris was but man, was he cool. But Houston's nowhere to be found on the schedule.

Sure, the tour is meant to, according to a press release, "showcase the many aspects of Texas, including small-town America (The Last Picture Show), renegade playground (Bonnie and Clyde), contemporary Western (No Country For Old Men), classic Western (The Searchers), creepy rural (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)..."

Does this mean Houston got the shaft because the movies filmed here don't fit some sort of stereotypical cultural iconography? And if so, then why wasn't Urban Cowboy included in the mix?

I guess it could be worse. How would you like to be from Kingsland and associated with "creepy rural" on the basis of a horror movie alone?

Just so we can show TM and the Alamo Drafthouse what they're missing, here are five great movies filmed in and around Houston.

Terms of Endearment

1983 sobfest starring Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson and Debra Winger. A tub of Blue Bell ice cream makes a cameo in the sequel,

The Evening Star


Urban Cowboy

This 1980 John Travolta centered around life in Gilley's Club in Pasadena. Owner Mickey Gilley plays himself in the film.


Wes Anderson's breakout film that relaunched Bill Murray's career. Largely filmed at St. John's and Lamar High School.

Robocop 2

Houston landmarks abound, including City Hall and the Wortham Center.

Reality Bites

Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder in their awkward phase.

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