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Five Memorable Swimming Pool Scenes

Earlier today, the mayor unveiled a budget proposal that would close down eight of the city's pools, no doubt a loss to the community. Pools are an essential part of summertime and, more importantly, a part of growing up.

Forget fending off heat stroke and learning a life-saving skill. Chlorine-swollen eyes, awkward changing-room situations and rumors that the water will turn red if you pee in it are what summertime is all about. Add in a few hot lifeguards, a smattering of june bugs in your hair and an unidentifiable blob of flotsam floating by, and you've got a an American summer experience that rivals watching fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Here are five of our favorite pool scenes to keep you cool this summer.

The Sandlot Michael "Squints" Palindoras becomes a man.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation This scene really belongs to Randy Quaid.


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