Five Reasons why Australian Guys Are Even Better than British Guys...AND American Guys

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So I'd previously written about why I believe British guys are better than American guys...but as in most cases, there is always someone better. So who can take on both the British and the Australians, you ask??... well, the Australians, of course!

And here are just five reasons that will make that make sense:

1. Mature... Just like the Brits, Aussie guys are mature. But in a different way than the British, I'd say. They are sensible and smart like the Brits, yes... but in a more laid-back, wise sort of way. Sometimes British guys' intelligence can get the better of them and they can end up coming off a little self-assured or snobbish, whereas Australian guys seem to keep their egos in check.

2. Sense of humor... British guys are wacky and witty, most American guys are moronic moys (man-boys), but Aussie guys are more fun-loving and tend to have a relaxed kind of sense of humor that they seem to wear naturally all over their face, which makes them charming and a lot of fun to be around. And they love to laugh a lot and don't tend to take life's hardships too seriously, but instead just enjoy life.

3. They're less superficial... I'll admit when I first saw Hugh Jackman with his wife, I thought she was his mom... because there was no way someone like Hugh Jackman would be with anyone less that a supermodel. Of course, I realized that was just the "pre-judgmental American attitude" in me speaking. As I said, Aussie guys don't seem to give their attention to silly unwritten social rules, and love who they want, and like the Brits, usually partner up for life.

4. They take care of themselves... When I went to Australia for three weeks, I couldn't help noticing that most guys there are in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Unlike British guys, who can sometimes look a little whimpy and on the thin side, or American guys, who can look a little sloppy, Australian guys tend to be outdoorsy and like to spend a lot of time working out, apparently.

5. Family-oriented... Few things are sexier than a guy who loves his family. In America now, guys are encouraged to wait on family and maintain a bachelor sort of lifestyle (e.g., George Clooney, Leo Dicaprio), whereas Australian guys are all about making family a priority and like the Brits tend to start a family in their twenties.

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