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Five Things You Need to Know About Houston's Newest Fashion Blogger, Lisa Dawn of A Chic Effect

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Lisa Dawn's new fashion blog, A Chic Effect comes complete with its own motto: Dream Big. Stay Chic. Be Unrealistic. According to Lisa, dreaming big--and being unrealistic--are important, no matter what the naysayers might think. "I've gotten a lot of flak for starting a blog. People can't understand why I would do anything different after spending three years in law school, but I'm passionate about it," said Lisa. "I don't see anything wrong with having unrealistic expectations, and realizing them!"

Fashion, for Lisa, is a creative outlet--a way to express herself in a conservative professional environment. She's been bringing extra flair to her own work wardrobe for years, and now she's started A Chic Effect--a guide to office chic, and beyond.

She Can Multi-task She's basically pulling down two full-time jobs right now: corporate lawyer and fashion blogger. "It's all about time management. If I have a spare minute, I'll review photos for a blog post; I'll do that on my lunch hour, or when we're all at my mom's for dinner on Sunday!" A couple of weekends ago, with one wedding in Austin and another in Dallas, Lisa spent the four-hour car rides reviewing photos. "I'm a big believer for finding time for the things that are important," said Lisa, who does concede she misses a few things. "Reading! I love reading fiction. There are a few TV shows I like, but the blog is more important."

She Has Focus

Lisa's take on office chic can be found under the category "Suits You Well," and her tips on transitioning from office to evening can be found under "Day to Night." Categories like "After Hours" and "Chic Travel" open up the blog to a wider audience. "My blog has range--from the emerging professional to the executive, and I try to put in a good mix in there for everyone." You'll spy high-end pieces--Louboutins here, a Birkin there--but there are plenty of items from J. Crew and H&M. Lisa is especially excited for her "Editor's Pick" category, where she can really explore whatever suits her fancy. "It's a category I can have a lot of fun with--outfit compilations, for example, so I could do something like "What to pack for a conference" or highlighting Houston stores and boutiques that I love."

She Hearts David Peck

Her biggest style inspiration at the moment can be found very close to home--Houston's own David Peck. "He's No. 1 on my list right now!" Lisa enthused. "I love his stuff. I was in his showroom last Friday, and he was showing me the new fall line. I'll be attending his fashion show in September, and I was picking out my outfits!"

Lisa counts her sister among her style inspirations as well--especially when it comes to the professional wear that is so central to the blog's point-of-view. "My sister went into the workforce a few years before me, so I was raiding her closet during my summer internships! I didn't have the money, so I shopped 'Rachel's Closet.'"

She Wants You to Look Good, and Feel Comfortable

If you're nervous about where to start when bringing creativity and life to your work wardrobe, Lisa says it's best to start small--accessories. "I would avoid looking like a Skittle," advised Lisa. "Add a pop of color with a necklace or earrings, but if you're wearing a statement piece balance it with simpler pieces elsewhere." She cites J. Crew's Tippi sweater, which comes in a wide array of colors, as an easy way to add a pop of color to a professional look.

Another simple way to get the most out of your wardrobe is to find a good tailor, said Lisa. "Tailoring brings an outfit from a 5 to a 10."

She is Generous

Lisa didn't have to share her tips for falls latest trends with us--she could have hoarded them for a blog post of her own--but she was more than willing to tell us her favorites. "I'm really excited for wide-leg pants in the fall--I will be incorporating that into my fall work wardrobe! Also, pastels--something you normally see in the spring, pastels are big this fall so I'm really excited about that as well!"

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